10 frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty with fillers

Rhinoplasty with fillers is one of the most commonly performed treatments at Oran Aesthetics. This quick and effective treatment is a popular choice for good reason. It can make exactly the difference between insecurity and certainty about your appearance. A small procedure with a big result!


We can well imagine that you have many questions about our rhinoplasty with fillers treatment. Therefore, here we address the ten frequently asked questions about this cosmetic treatment. These questions are asked by our clients during their orientation process and come up in intake interviews.


Are you considering booking a rhinoplasty with fillers treatment? For example, are you curious about results, costs, how safe fillers are and how quickly you’ll see results? Then be sure to read through these frequently asked questions.


#1. How quickly can you see the effect of nasal fillers?


The effect of rhinoplasty with fillers is visible immediately after treatment. Bumps on the nose will be eliminated and a crooked bridge of the nose will be straightened with the fillers. With treatments like botox, it always takes a while before you see results, but not with fillers. So you can immediately see if the result is what you expected. Where necessary, we can always make additional corrections.


#2. How much do nasal fillers cost?


At Oran Aesthetics, we believe it is important for our treatments to be accessible to a wide audience. This is why we have competitive prices for all our treatments. A rhinoplasty with fillers treatment is possible from as little as €350 (see also our rates). However, the number of fillers varies from person to person. That’s why we are happy to give you a customized quote in a consultation so you know exactly how much your treatment will cost.


#3. How long is the result visible?


The effect of our rhinoplasty fillers treatment will last about nine to twelve months. After this time, the results slowly diminish because the action of the substance in the fillers decreases. This substance, called hyaluronic acid, is a substance that is naturally dissolved over time. Should you wish to repeat the treatment after this period, you can do so without any problems. There is no risk in repeating a rhinoplasty filler treatment.


#4. What does a rhinoplasty with fillers treatment do?


A rhinoplasty with fillers involves small injections of hyaluronic acid. This eliminates unevenness in the skin. Both deep wrinkles and fine lines can be filled with fillers. A rhinoplasty often involves correcting the nose to improve its proportions. This makes the whole thing look visually straight. Because of this volume restoration, great results can be achieved with just a small amount of fillers.


#5. Is a rhinoplasty covered by health insurance?


Treatment that falls under cosmetic plastic surgery, such as a rhinoplasty, is not routinely covered by health insurance. When it comes to other plastic surgery, basic insurance or supplemental insurance may include reimbursement. Then there must often be medical reasons such as physical complaints. Also, a referral from a medical specialist is often a requirement for such treatments.


#6. Does rhinoplasty with fillers hurt?


A rhinoplasty with fillers treatment is virtually painless. We also call it a typical “lunchtime” treatment: a treatment that is quick and painless. You can visit us on your lunch break, as it were, and then go right back to work. However, the treated area may feel a little sore. Or that you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising. This is perfectly normal and will go away on its own.


#7. Are nasal fillers dangerous?


You don’t have to worry about the safety of rhinoplasty filler treatment at Oran Aesthetics. We use only temporary fillers from the very best brands on the market. Of these brands, effectiveness and safety have been proven. These fillers are based on Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance that is biodegradable. Should the need arise, Hyaluronic Acid can even be dissolved with Hyason. We use this solvent to correct excess volume.


#8. How do you look after fillers?


The final result of fillers is different for everyone. It just depends on what the treatment is aimed at. Fillers can be used to correct a crooked nose. Volume restoration can also be provided on the sides of the nose. Or maybe you have a dent or lump on your nose that you would like to have eliminated. All this is possible with fillers. During an intake interview, we will identify your needs and give advice on what is possible.


#9. What aftercare should I do?


After a filler treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind. This aftercare is important to ensure optimal results from the fillers. For example, you may not exercise for two days. Also, visiting the sauna or tanning bed for a week is not recommended. Finally, do not massage the treated area. If you follow these aftercare rules, you will not experience any further inconvenience.


#10. What are the disadvantages of fillers?


One disadvantage of fillers is that the effect is only temporary. After about 10 months, you will need to repeat the treatment to maintain the results of the fillers. In addition, some people are allergic to fillers. They may experience a variety of symptoms such as inflammation, rashes and hardening of the fillers. However, this is very rare and can also be pre-tested.


Curious about rhinoplasty with fillers treatment at Oran Aesthetics? Then take contact with us for more information or book your free, no-obligation intake consultation online. We would love to help you be the best version of yourself.

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