All about a liquid facelift!

Would you prefer to refresh your entire face? With a liquid facelift, this dream becomes a reality! This cosmetic treatment will make you look years younger. Who wouldn’t want that?

A liquid facelift is one of the treatments we offer at Oran Aesthetics. This involves using various treatment methods to achieve a youthful appearance. It is a treatment where you see results very quickly. That, of course, is very nice! To achieve this result, we will first meet with you to discuss your options.

Below you can read in advance everything you need to know about our liquid facelift treatment. What exactly is the treatment and how does it work? What result can you expect? What is the aftercare and are there actually any risks associated with this treatment? We also talk about costs and give you more information about booking a consultation. So read on soon for all the information about a liquid facelift!


What is a liquid facelift?

A liquid facelift involves looking at your entire face and refreshing it where desired. The emphasis here is on creating natural contours that allow you to maintain your own appearance. We will also restore volume to your face. This volume decreases as we age and can be reduced with fillers.

Liquid facelift treatment gives your face a subtle elevator. Fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles are addressed with botox while sagging skin is corrected with fillers. So it is a combination of treatments aimed at improving your facial shape and skin. This will restore a fresh and young look.


How does a liquid facelift treatment work?

All of our treatments aim to accentuate your natural beauty. That’s why we always start with a consultation in which you state your wishes and we draw up a treatment plan. This will always be by mutual agreement where we keep the best achievable result in front of us.

A liquid facelift is suitable for anyone with some degree of sagging skin. When it comes to extreme skin sagging, a surgical facelift is a better option. In fact, extreme skin sagging cannot be corrected with fillers and botox. Should you do qualify for a liquid facelift, your entire face will be taken care of.

With a series of injections, the right amount of filler is injected in the right places. This effect can be seen immediately. Botox is also applied to wrinkles and blemishes. After the treatment, we will give you an ice pack to counteract any swelling.


Result liquid facelift treatment

The result of a liquid facelift treatment is different for everyone. This depends on a lot of factors. Overall, this treatment definitely has a wow effect. Because multiple areas of the face are treated, this is well reflected in your appearance.

Youthful shapes, less wrinkles, no blemishes and all in a very natural way. That is exactly what we at Oran Aesthetics want to go for. Because the liquid facelift uses both fillers and botox, the final result is visible after two weeks. You can see the results of fillers almost immediately, but with botox it takes a while.


Liquid facelift: before and after photos

With all our clients, we take a number of photos before treatment and after treatment. This way we can properly assess the result and you can also see for yourself what the treatment has given you. Since it takes a while to see the final result, you can send us the photos digitally. We then keep these in your medical record which will not be shared further.


Liquid facelift aftercare

The success of a liquid facelift treatment depends in part on some aftercare arrangements we make with you. Despite not being a very invasive treatment, there are still a few activities you’d better not undertake right after a liquid facelift.

For example, you may not go to a sauna or tanning bed for the first week. For sports, wait two days. Nor is it wise to massage the treated area. Of course, the doctor will explain this further to you before treatment begins. That way you know in advance where you stand and what you need to consider.

Do you experience redness, bruising or swelling after your liquid facelift treatment? Don’t panic! These are normal side effects of this treatment. It will pass on its own.


Is a liquid facelift treatment safe?

At Oran Aesthetics, safety is incredibly important to us. That’s why we only work with temporary fillers and botox from the best brands on the market. These products have been used extensively for many years so the exact effect is known.

Our fillers are Hyaluronic acid-based. This is a natural substance that already exists in our bodies. This makes it biodegradable. In case of complications, Hyaluronic Acid can even be dissolved with the solvent Hyason.

For the botox portion of the liquid facelift treatment, we use Botulinum Toxin. This substance falls under the Drug Act, making it considered safe for cosmetic applications. So nothing to worry about!


Cost of a liquid facelift

The liquid facelift is a comprehensive treatment in which the entire face is treated. Therefore, the cost of a liquid facelift is higher than a smaller filler or botox treatment. Nevertheless, at Oran Aesthetics, we try to make our cosmetic treatments accessible to the general public. We therefore have competitive prices for all our treatments. A liquid facelift treatment can be booked from as little as €750 (see our
fee schedule


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