Botox against migraines: all the ins and outs

It’s that time again … You lie in bed with symptoms such as pounding headaches and you can no longer tolerate sound and light. If you have had regular migraine symptoms for a long time or if there are periods when migraines suddenly become very frequent, botox treatment for migraines at a good clinic can be a godsend.


What is migraine and how does it occur?

Migraine is a brain disease centered on headaches. But how exactly does this occur and how is it that some people suddenly get migraines very often? Due to certain triggers such as: stress, fatigue, hormones or changes in the environment, certain parts of the brainstem become dysregulated more quickly. This dysregulation causes blood vessels to constrict and then expand to a large extent. So this causes that terrible headache. The attacks consist of different phases and can last from a few minutes to 3 days. The attacks are additionally accompanied by symptoms such as: nausea, sensitivity to light, sound or smells and seeing auras. Lots of sleep helps recover from an attack.


What does botox for migraine involve?

Around the neck, shoulders and head, there is often unconscious tension on the muscles. This can be due to stress, improper sleep position or overexertion, for example. This tension on the muscles can be a very big trigger for migraine attacks. To reduce this, it is possible to use a botox treatment take. But how exactly does this treatment work and what are the consequences? During this botox treatment, injections are put into the muscles where you experience symptoms and pain. Botox injections cause the muscles to slacken, greatly reducing tension symptoms around the neck, shoulders and head. By reducing tension symptoms, migraine attacks are less likely to occur.


How does botox treatment for migraines work?

An intake interview is required before treatment can begin. In the intake interview, the doctor determines whether your situation is suitable for treatment. For example, you discuss where the headache is and how you experience the headache. The information discussed in the intake interview is important for putting the injections in the right place. Next, the doctor explains what the treatment will look like. The areas to be treated are cleaned and injections are placed in the muscles where the tension symptoms are. After about 15 minutes, the treatment is over and you can go home.


How long does it take to notice results?

There is no specific answer to how long it takes for botox to take effect. This varies by treatment. From various studies, however, it is clear that the botox against migraine starts working after about 3 to 4 days and you will have the final result after about 2 weeks.


How long does the result last?

After about 3 to 5 months, the botox wears off and your body breaks it down. After these months, you can decide whether it has had the desired effect for you and whether you want to repeat the migraine treatment. With regular repetition of botox treatments, you will enjoy it longer and longer. As the muscles are trained to work less and less hard, the attacks stay away longer.


What are the side effects of botox for migraines?

Possible complaints of the treated areas may include:


  • Red or swollen skin
  • Itching in places from the injections
  • Bruising
  • Weak or sore muscles


These symptoms can be perceived as annoying but subside after a few hours to a few days. In rare cases, the symptoms are worse, such as difficulty breathing or talking. If so, always contact your doctor immediately!


Is botox safe?

For over 30 years, botox has been widely used in the medical field. It is a safe drug and it was carefully tested for any side effects before it was introduced to the market. At Oran aesthetics, we obviously only use injections that are approved. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of botox.


What does botox for migraine cost?

The cost of botox treatments for migraine varies by clinic, the number of injections and the different areas to be treated. The average cost of botox treatments is about around €200,-.


What does botox at our clinic cost? At Oran Aesthetics, through affordable prices, we would like to make and keep the world of cosmetic treatments accessible to all. Are you curious about our prices? You can find these in the
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Is botox treatment for migraine reimbursed?

Botox treatment can be cosmetic or medical in nature. Insurers almost never reimburse cosmetic surgery.


Would you like to have botox treatment on a medical basis? If so, it is wise to first visit your family doctor for a referral. Insurers often require a physician’s referral. On this, the doctor must demonstrate that the botox treatment is for resolving medical complaints and that all other treatments have been without results. But beware: by no means all insurance companies reimburse for botox treatment for migraines. So always check with your own insurer and discuss what the options are!


What are the experiences with botox for migraines?

Research shows that 70% of people who undergo the treatment have a positive outcome and significantly less migraine attacks.


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