Complaint Procedure

Looking for a solution together.

At Oran Aesthetics, we prefer to keep the team small and close-knit so that we can continuously monitor and guarantee the quality of our services. All of our doctors go through intensive training and education and are absolutely competent for the treatment(s) they perform. Despite our attention to quality, you may be dissatisfied with something. We greatly appreciate the time you take to express your dissatisfaction. It does not matter if it is about treatment, handling of staff or if you just have an improvement suggestion. We listen to your story with great interest.

If you have an improvement suggestion or would like to report something, please send an email to
Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we strive to continuously improve ourselves.

Is it dissatisfaction with the outcome of a treatment and do you want to have the conversation? If so, we have established a clear and transparent complaint procedure for your convenience.

Step 1: Checking appointment

In case of dissatisfaction regarding a treatment, the first step for you is the check-up appointment with your attending physician. Together you will enter the conversation and here you will have the opportunity to tell your story. The physician has a best-efforts obligation to help you as best as possible within our clinic policy. In most cases, we can already find a suitable solution together with you during this conversation.

Step 2: Submit written complaint

Despite a good conversation with the doctor, sometimes you may not be able to work things out together during the checkup. In that case, we ask that you put your complaint in writing. You can request a complaint form through your treating physician or by mail. In it, we ask you to describe as clearly as possible exactly what you are dissatisfied with. You may attach any additional photos, data or documents that support your complaint. Within two weeks, your complaint will be discussed internally and you will receive a response from management.

Step 3: Mediation by independent complaints officer

If a solution from the first two steps does not satisfy you, you have the option of submitting your complaint to an independent complaints officer. The Wkkgz Act states that every healthcare provider must be able to employ an independent complaints officer. The function of a complaints officer is mediation between you and the clinic to reach a solution together. If you have difficulty, he (or she) can also help you formulate your complaint, assist during mediation and advise on the follow-up process. Using the mediation of an independent complaints officer is free of charge to you. If you wish to take advantage of this please indicate this to your doctor or send an email to

Within two weeks, the complaint officer will then contact you directly by mail or phone.

Step 4: Disputes committee

Your opinion and satisfaction is the most important measure by which we judge the performance of our clinic. From the moment dissatisfaction is in the air, we try to listen and help you as much as possible in order to reach a joint solution. With mutual understanding, trust and respect, this usually succeeds with a verbal conversation. If that does not work, you can contact us in writing so that we can discuss your complaint again in detail with the management and quickly offer an appropriate solution. If the solution still does not satisfy you we will give you the opportunity to use the mediation of the external independent complaints officer. This is an impartial and independently appointed expert in this field and explores the possibilities of reaching a joint solution.

If you are unable to reach a solution both with us and with the external complaints officer then you can appeal to the external disputes body. You complaint then becomes a dispute. Litigation does involve costs. After a considered investigation, the agency may issue a binding opinion that both parties must abide by. Oran Aesthetics is affiliated with the nationwide DOKh dispute resolution body.

DOKh Foundation meets the accreditation requirements of the Dutch government. This means you can count on due process and an impartial decision.