Eyebrow lift? Go for a fresh and young look!

Are you not completely satisfied with your eyebrows? Do you look a little tired and would like to remedy this? Then a brow lift might be the solution for you! By subtly lifting the eyebrows, you instantly look fresh and young again.

But what exactly is a brow lift? Why should you choose this treatment? How does a brow lift work? What results can you expect? And what is the cost of a brow lift? Below you can read everything you want to know about a brow lift.

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What is a brow lift?

Many people think of a brow lift as a surgical procedure. A major adjustment in the form of surgery, from which you will have to recover for some time. But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, you can also have your eyebrows lifted through the use of botox.

Oran Aesthetics offers brow lift treatment in the form of injectables. This involves a few small botox injections into the outside of the eyebrow.

The botox causes the muscles that pull the eyebrows down to slacken. This lift the eyebrows a few millimeters. This may seem little, but it can make a huge difference to your appearance.


Why have an eyebrow lift done with botox

You may immediately have certain associations with the word “botox. In fact, with some cosmetic procedures, too much botox can lead to a fake or plastic appearance. But with the right amounts and a professional approach, botox can actually enhance your natural beauty. Therefore, there are very many reasons to have a brow lift with botox.

Not only will you get a radiant, young and fresh look. In fact, a brow lift can also reduce physical discomfort. If your eyebrows hang down, it can result in you raising your eyebrows all day. There may even be increased pressure on the on eyes.

An lift can also make you feel more comfortable and confident. With a few simple pricks of botox, you can create a substantial change for yourself.


How does a brow lift work?

A brow lift is a very short treatment. It’s quick, painless and you don’t have to recover from it. It also becomes a real lunchtime called treatment, because you can return to work immediately after, so to speak.

In this treatment, several small punctures are placed in the muscles. This causes the muscles to relax and the eyebrows to raise slightly. This provides an immediate brow lift.

Depending on your situation, a brow lift can be combined with a brow muscle treatment. Thus, both inner and outer eyebrows are lifted.


The result of eyebrow lifts

A brow lift will cause the eyebrows to be positioned slightly upward. This ensures an open look and healthy appearance.

Eyebrow lifting gives you a more energetic, fitter and youthful appearance. It is as if time is turned back a bit.In fact, drooping eyebrows pretty quickly make you look years older.

The result of a brow lift varies from person to person. Therefore, we always engage in a conversation beforehand to discuss the desired outcome together. Indeed, our goal is to achieve the desired result without disturbing the natural balance of your face.

More information about a brow lift? Then view our eyebrow lift page.


Eyebrow lift before and after

To give you an idea of what the result of a brow lift can do for your appearance, we’d like to show you some before and after photos. We will also take these photos during your treatment. This way, you can easily see afterwards what the brow lift has brought about for you.

Before each treatment, we try to assess as best we can what the results will be for you. Therefore, we only recommend treatment if it really suits you. You may just be amazed at all the possibilities! After all, a lot is possible with injectables.

Eyebrow lift experiences

At Oran Aesthetics, we go for the very best results with everyone. That’s why we value our customer experiences. We therefore engage with our clients on an ongoing basis: from an initial intake with the plastic surgeon to the complete aftercare process.

Our customers’ experiences speak for themselves. People experience brow lift treatment as painless, quick and with good results. Satisfied customers, that’s what we’re all about!


Safety and aftercare

Eand botox treatment is very safe. The drug used, botulinum toxin, falls under the drug law and has been extensively tested. Of course, it is important that you undergo botox treatment only with a licensed physician who specializes in the field.

Of course, at Oran Aesthetics, we provide proper completion and aftercare after each treatment. With a brow lift, the treatment is completed very quickly and you also have almost no need to recover.

Wel is important not to exercise for the first two days. Also, the treated area should not be massaged and it is best to avoid visiting the sauna or tanning bed in the first week.

There may be some redness or bruising. Slight swelling is also common. This is nothing serious and will go away on its own.


What is the price of a brow lift?

By now you must have become curious about the eyebrow lift price. At Orana Aesthetics, the brow elevator cost is only 120. This includes the entire treatment, from discussion with the doctor to the aftercare phase.

Want to combine a brow lift with a frown wrinkle treatment? Then the total price is €240.

At Oran Aesthetics, we make the world of cosmetic treatments accessible to the general public. We do this with affordable prices, personal attention and demonstrable results. We offer a variety of injectables treatments that emphasize a natural look. A healthy and fresh look is what we are going for.

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