Filling smoking lines: client experiences

Vertical lines and wrinkles are often the result of smoking for a time. Especially around the mouth area, these so-called smoking lines are often found. Smokers tighten these muscles more often than others. But even without smoking, you can suffer from these bumps.


For anyone suffering from smoking lines, we offer a special treatment. During this treatment, the lines are filled with fillers. Below we address frequently asked questions about this treatment. How does the filler treatment work? What are the results? What are the before and after results? We also elaborate on the experiences of clients who have gone before you. Are you reading?


Filling smoke lines with fillers

Filling smoker’s lines with fillers is a treatment we have long performed at Oran Aesthetics. Smoker’s lines make you look older and less healthy. Whether they are caused by smoking or rather by heredity and the aging process. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it!


With a small amount of filler, we can significantly reduce or even completely eliminate smoker’s lines. That way, you’ll suddenly look a lot healthier and younger again. Who wouldn’t want that? Do your smoking lines cause diminished self-confidence or are they especially an eyesore for you? Then smoking lines treatment is really for you.


Smoker’s lines treatment

A smoker’s lines treatment is all about restoring skin volume. As with other filler treatments, this means determining the desired shape and contour. In this case of the area around the mouth. During the intake interview, we discuss your situation in detail and what our doctors can do in it.


During the consultation, we look at the depth of the lines and your personal skin texture. Based on this, we form a treatment plan that is completely focused on your situation. Sometimes this means we will treat (also) another part of the face to achieve the best results. Of course, you will get all the information about this in advance so you can make an informed choice.


The treatment itself is very short and is therefore also called a lunchtime treatment. With just a few injections, the filler is injected. Natural volume is restored almost immediately and lines become less visible. So you will see immediate results!


Results of smoking lines treatment

What the result will be is partly person-dependent. In many cases, smoker’s lines are largely gone after filler treatment. In some cases, the lines even disappeared altogether. During the consultation we will give you a realistic picture of what you can expect as a result.


Sometimes the best results can only be achieved if another part of the face is also treated. This is because the muscles in the face are closely linked. The main focus of all our treatments is to preserve your natural beauty. So we always go for a natural and optimal result applied to you.


Filling smoke lines before and after

To give you a better idea of the possible results of this treatment, we can show you before and after photos of clients who have gone before you. With each treatment, we take a number of photos at the beginning and at the end. That way you can clearly see for yourself what the treatment has meant to you. With your permission, we can also show these photos to others to give them an idea of the possibilities.


Experiences of our clients

The experiences of our previous clients say much more about smoker’s lines filler treatment than we ever could ourselves. That’s why we list a few experiences for you below:


  • Our clients always rave about the peace and attention in our clinic. About this they say:
    “As soon as you walk in you notice that you really get personal attention. This made me feel heard and had confidence in the doctors. After the treatment you get a lot of explanations about aftercare. One takes the time for you and that felt very nice!”
  • Many people who come to us for the first time eventually become repeat clients. They are satisfied with the level of quality and praise us for the results achieved.

    “Super sweet woman who knows what she is doing, gives clear and honest advice, keeps appointments, gives you a realistic picture, works hygienically. Just a top doctor!”
    “Super satisfied with the treatments. Very at ease with me by Dr. Oran. I will definitely keep coming back.”
  • Sometimes we give someone a different recommendation than the treatment he or she came up with. Our honesty is appreciated and reflected in our reviews:
    “I went to Oran Aesthetics for a complete facial. After a good conversation with the doctor, I was given the honest recommendation that what I had in mind was not a good fit for me. Instead, I was given a personalized recommendation that was a very good fit. Perfect service!”
  • It is important to us that everyone walks out the door of our clinic feeling good. And that is how our clients experience it: “I was quite excited to undergo cosmetic treatment. But the guidance at Oran felt familiar from the beginning. From start to finish, top notch! I will definitely come back again”.


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