From what age can you have lip filler treatment?

Lip fillers in Amsterdam are wildly popular. As such, it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments worldwide. Lip fillers are therefore seen in practice by many major and international stars. Stars like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gaby Blaaser show on their socials that full lips are part of today’s beauty ideal.


What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are injections that give your lips more volume. It is a kind of dermal filler that provides fuller and puckered lips. Through tiny punctures, the injectables of lip fillers are injected into the lips. The injected botox then causes the lips to plump up and become fuller.


As you age, your lips may lose volume. Lip fillers are therefore widely used to restore the volume of the lips or further scale up the volume for a nicer amount of volume.


Are lip fillers dangerous?

When you have lip filler treatment performed at a confidential clinic, lip filler treatment is not dangerous. At
Our lip filler clinic in Amsterdam
we use only the best fillers, which means lip fillers pose no danger.


At Oran Aesthetics, our doctors use only temporary fillers. These are top-level fillers that are frequently used words in the cosmetic world. Therefore, the effectiveness and safety of the fillers are fully proven. Across the board, the fillers we use at a lip filler treatment in Amsterdam use based on hyaluronic acid. This means that the filler consists of natural substances. These natural substances already occur in the body, so this has no harmful or dangerous impact on the body. Moreover, hyaluronic acid is biodegradable.


How does a lip filler treatment work?

Lip filler treatment is quick and virtually painless. During the treatment, your lips are provided with injectables. Injectables are small injections that contain a dose of botox to increase the volume of the lips. So the treatment consists of a series of injections that inject the right amount of lip filler into the right areas of the lip.


When you choose
lip fillers in Amsterdam
, please feel free to stop by Oran Aesthetics. At Oran Aesthetics, we always go for the best possible result for you. Therefore, before you take lip filler treatment with us, you will receive an expert intake consultation with a doctor who will review the options for your desired results.


What to do after lip filler treatment

You can expect to look better after a filler treatment at our clinic in Amsterdam without any discomfort. If necessary, you will receive an ice-pack from us after the treatment to cool the treated area a bit.


However, it is important to wait until the third day after treatment before returning to sports. In fact, there should not be too much pressure on the lips. Also, the treated area should not be massaged and you cannot go to the sauna or tanning bed for the first week.


From what age do lip fillers start?

In the Netherlands, there is a legal age of 18 for cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers. Thus, you must be at least 18 years old to have your lips treated with lip fillers. Because 18 is the age of consent in the Netherlands for all cosmetic treatments and procedures, no exception can be made for lip filler treatment.


What is the cost of lip filler treatment?

The cost of lip filler treatment depends on each clinic, the quality of fillers they use and the amount of hyaluronic acid you have injected into your lips. Therefore, the average cost for a lip filler treatment is between €300 and €600.


When taking lip fillers, it is of great importance that you look not only at the price, but mainly at the quality of the fillers a clinic uses. Low quality fillers or using another type of injectables can have harmful effects. Be alert to this!


At Oran Aesthetics, we maintain realistic prices for all of our treatments. Indeed, our mission is to make the world of cosmetic treatments accessible to all. Are you curious about all our prices? Then also check out
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Is lip filler treatment reimbursed?

A (voluntary) cosmetic treatment that has no medical cause is not covered by health insurance in the Netherlands. If a medical cause does exist, you should be able to demonstrate a recommendation or referral through your doctor. If applicable, it is also necessary to contact your health insurance company before purchasing lip filler treatment. This will help you avoid misunderstandings surrounding reimbursement for derma fillers.


How long do lip fillers last?

How long lip fillers last varies by person and quality of fillers. When you look at an average lip filler treatment, with lip fillers with hyaluronic acid, you experience full lips for 8 to 12 months.


With our lip fillers in Amsterdam, you can rest assured that the filler treatment won’t cause you any discomfort. Moreover, with lip fillers it is also possible to improve asymmetrical lips or lip contours as desired.


Lip filler treatment Amsterdam

Would you also like fuller lips? At Oran Aesthetics, we maintain realistic prices for all of our treatments. For lipfuller treatment in Amsterdam, you can always visit us for a no-obligation consultation. During this consultation, one of our cosmetic doctors will advise you on your options. By doing so, we ensure you have enough information so you can make an informed decision for whether or not to get lip fillers.


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