Frown lines and botox; 10 facts

Frown lines botox treatments have been very popular for many years. And not without reason. Many people do not like a frown line, and botox is a simple solution with great results.


Want to know more about frown lines botox treatment? Are you considering booking a consultation with us? Or are you just curious about the facts about frown lines and botox? We list 10 facts for you below. This way, you can learn more about the subject of frown lines and botox so that you can see for yourself if treatment is right for you.


#1. Frown lines can occur in anyone


A frown line is a phenomenon that can occur in anyone. A wrinkle between the eyebrows is often linked to heredity. But due to the natural aging process of the skin, wrinkles in this area can really appear in all men and women.


An unhealthy lifestyle with heavy smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight, stress and an unhealthy diet can contribute to the development of wrinkles, however. But even people with a healthy lifestyle can get frown lines. You have no control over this, unfortunately.


#2. A frown line affects your face


Unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, a frown line is often very visible. Many people don’t like this. It goes against the prevailing ideals of beauty and, to that end, often causes insecurity. Especially if the wrinkles remain visible when the face is at “rest,” a frown line can be especially annoying.


A frown line can cause you to unintentionally give off a sullen or angry look. And that, of course, is very annoying. Especially when people also occasionally ask questions or make a comment about this.


#3. Botox is a solution for shallow frown lines


Fortunately, there is a botox treatment that can help with this! The muscles between the eyebrows can be eliminated with botox. Thus, we ensure that the muscles no longer tighten unnecessarily. Shallow wrinkles can largely or even completely disappear with this.


For deep frown lines, botox treatment is less suitable. Often fillers are better to use then. At Oran Aesthetics, we start every treatment with a no-obligation consultation. In this conversation, we will explain which treatment is most appropriate for you.


#4. A botox frown wrinkle treatment is a snap


Whatever treatment you want to book, at Oran Aesthetics we always start with a good conversation between you and the doctor. At this time, you can ask all your questions about the treatment and the intended result. Our doctor will tell you all about the course of treatment and what to expect.


Is everything clear and you want to do the treatment? If so, this can be done immediately after the consultation. The treated area is then cleaned and disinfected. After this, we place the injections into the muscles of the frown line area. Just like that!


#5. Your frown line will diminish anyway


Whatever your situation, a frown line botox treatment will provide results anyway. For many of our clients, wrinkles disappear like snow in the sun. In fact, the muscles respond to the botox by relaxing. Thus, the crease in the skin between the eyebrows straightens itself out, so to speak.


At the beginning of the treatment, we take some before pictures. We repeat this at the time you come in for the follow-up check. This allows you to see exactly what the result of your treatment is afterwards.


#6. Botox treatments work temporarily


As with any botox treatment, the results with this treatment are only temporary. In fact, Botox works for about 3 to 5 months. Want to keep the result? Then you will have to repeat the treatment. You can schedule an appointment at our clinic for this in a timely manner so that the wrinkle does not fully return in the meantime.


#7. Frown lines botox treatment is relatively inexpensive


Do you have the perception that botox treatment is incredibly expensive? Then we have news for you! In the case of frown lines botox treatment, the price is not too expensive.


From as little as €120 you can book a frown wrinkle botox treatment at Oran Aesthetics. If your wrinkles are causing you to be hampered in your daily life, this is a relatively inexpensive solution to your problems.


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#8. Botox is a lunchtime treatment


A frown wrinkle treatment is also called one of our lunchtime treatments. In fact, the treatment is so quick and painless that you can actually just schedule it in your lunch hour.


The aftercare rules for this treatment are also not too bad. There are only a few things to consider:


  • 4 hours after treatment do not sleep or lie down
  • Not exercising for the first two days
  • Do not massage the treated area
  • No visiting a tanning bed or sauna in the first week


#9. Botox for frown lines is 100% safe


Are you concerned about the safety of botox for frown lines? This is totally unnecessary. In fact, Botulinum Toxin, the active ingredient in botox, falls under the drug law. It was extensively tested for side effects and effectiveness before being allowed on the market.


It is very important, however, that you book botox treatment only with a licensed physician. You can recognize these by a BIG registration. That way you can be sure you are being treated by someone who specializes in this field.


#10. Oran Aesthetics goes for quality


As a final fact, we don’t want to keep from you that we at Oran Aesthetics always go for quality. We believe that cosmetic treatments should be accessible to everyone. Our treatments bring out the best in you and are purely focused on highlighting your natural beauty.

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