Gummy smile: a beautiful smile without visible gums

A gummy smile, or gum smile, can be very annoying. It can make you feel insecure and uncomfortable. You may even want to smile or be photographed less often because of your gummy smile. Thus, this problem can create unpleasant situations in your daily life.


Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem of the gummy smile. At Oran Aesthetics, you can quickly get a short treatment that will make a world of difference. Below you can read everything you need to know about this treatment.


What is a gummy smile?


So a gummy smile is also called a gum smile. And this is for good reason, because the gums are exactly what is the problem in this case. This is because with a gummy smile, not only the teeth but also the gums are visible while smiling.


So actually the upper lip rises too far above the teeth so that the gums are exposed. One cause is found in the muscles that pull the upper lip upward. If these are too active, the lip is pulled up too far, creating a gummy smile.


Who is a gummy smile treatment suitable for?


A gummy smile treatment is suitable for anyone who suffers from their gummy smile. Perhaps you are often self-conscious about your smile and are dissatisfied with it. Or maybe you don’t want your picture taken at all because your gummy smile makes you very insecure. Whatever the reason, for many people our gummy smile treatment is the solution.


Thus, this treatment is not comparable to gummy smile surgery. It used to be that one did have to undergo surgery. This took place on the maxilla and was considered quite invasive. These days, fortunately, a much simpler solution is at hand.


How does a gummy smile treatment go?


Oran Aesthetics’ gummy smile treatment is also called the gummy smile botox treatment. In fact, it is essentially just a matter of two tiny pricks of botox. This makes the treatment very quick and painless. It can even be done between business on your lunch break!


If you decide to book this treatment, the doctor will go over the entire process with you. Even during the treatment, you will be told exactly what to expect in the next few minutes. We take some before pictures, the area is cleaned and disinfected and then you get the botox shots. After this, you don’t need to cool down and can just go on with your day.


The result of a botox gummy smile treatment


A botox gummy smile treatment significantly reduces the visibility of the gums while smiling. You no longer have to hold a hand over your mouth or look away while smiling. Just laugh carefree again without embarrassing yourself. That’s what we’re going for!


On our website you can see the gummy smile before and after pictures of some of our clients. We take these photos with everyone so we can properly assess the result.


The result is not immediately visible. In fact, botulinum toxin takes three to five days to take effect. It often takes two weeks for the final results to become visible. You can then also visit us for a follow-up check. The results last about 3 to 5 months, after which the treatment can be repeated.


Aftercare of a botox treatment


The gummy smile treatment itself will be over very quickly. After this, it is important to ensure a good aftercare period. This benefits the results and ensures that you enjoy the treatment for as long as possible.


It is important not to lie down or sleep for up to four hours after the treatment. Also, you cannot exercise for the first two days. For a sauna or tanning bed visit, the rule is that it cannot take place in the first week. In addition, we do not recommend massaging the treated area.


It is normal for some redness, minor swelling or bruising to occur. These are known side effects of injectables that are not dangerous. Within a few days, these disappear on their own.


Is gummy smile treatment safe?


Some people wonder if gummy smile treatment is safe. This is a very valid question to which we can give a clear answer. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the safety of this treatment.


Botox treatment involves the use of botulinum toxin. This is a drug covered by the Drug Act. It was extensively tested for effectiveness and side effects before being allowed on the market by the government.


As with all drugs, however, it is crucial that you have the treatment done by a licensed physician. A physician with a BIG registration is specialized in the field and has the necessary knowledge and experience. This way, botox treatment is 100% safe and carries no risks.


What does a gummy smile treatment cost?


At Oran Aesthetics, our motto is to make injectables treatments accessible to the general public. We offer the gummy smile treatment at competitive rates so you won’t spend a fortune for a fairly simple treatment.


The gummy smile cost starts from €60 with us. For an overview of all our rates, please take a look at
this page


Consultation Oran Aesthetics


Are you interested in a gummy smile treatment? You are always welcome for a consultation. This can be done either by phone or in person with the doctor. We will then listen to your wishes and the doctor will make a recommendation on how best to achieve the desired result. You will then be presented with a customized treatment plan.


At Oran Aesthetics, we always go for the best result for you. More than 7,000 satisfied customers have gone before you, giving us an average rating of 9.6! We are extremely happy about that and is a token of appreciation for our work.

Wondering what we can do for you? Then contact us for more information. You can do so by calling 020 – 2157338 or We are happy to help you.

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