Our doctors

Drs. Ehsan Ayubi

Drs. Ehsan – BIG: 99921907901

Drs. Ehsan completed his studies in Medicine at the University of Maastricht. After studying medicine, he worked for many years as a doctor in the hospital, in the Department of Cardiology and Psychiatry. “After spending a day with my sister and fellow Oran in 2019, I found out that the cosmetic industry really appealed to me. The small adjustments that can make such a big difference in someone’s state of mind immediately fascinated me!” Since then, he has worked passionately as an injectables physician. “Establishing a personal and honest treatment plan with clients with the goal of a natural and beautiful result is what is important to me.”
Drs. Samira Ayubi

Drs. Samira – BIG: 19926771701

Drs. Samira completed her degree in Medicine at Utrecht University. Shortly thereafter, she started working as a cosmetic doctor at several clinics in the Netherlands and Belgium. She is now the proud co-owner of Oran Aesthetics. Drs. Samira works with extreme precision and gives honest and personal advice. With her motto “less is more,” Drs. Samira convinced that a small adjustment can make a big difference in a patient’s appearance and self-confidence. After all, she believes in an approach with a combination of different treatments for a beautiful and natural result rather than an overfilled face. Drs. Samira offers treatments such as: Botulinum toxin (btx), Fillers, PDO Wire Lift, Skinpen, Hydrafacial. Interested? Then don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with our Drs. Samira.
Drs. Oran Ayubi

Drs. Oran – BIG: 19923268801

Drs Oran completed her medical education at the University of Amsterdam. From an early age, she had a great affinity for aesthetics, especially in the face. Consequently, her interest in the cosmetic field was sparked. She is now a cosmetic doctor KNMG, medical director and co-owner of the clinic Oran Aesthetics. To keep her skills up-to-date, our cosmetic doctor attends several conferences per year in Europe and outside the EU.She has also been active for 2 years as an expert trainer for Sculptra. She works for the global pharmaceutical organization Galderma and gives workshops to cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the use of Sculptra in the Benelux. Drs Oran Ayubi specializes in all injectables treatments including anti-wrinkle treatments (btx) and treatments that restore volume loss and contour to the face. In doing so, she uses fillers, PDO threads, Sculptra as well as skin boosters with Profhilo.
Drs. Ilja Tiwow

Drs. Ilya Tiwow – BIG: 19931981501

Drs. Ilja Tiwow completed her degree in Medicine at the University of Groningen. She has a background in Surgery and has recently enthusiastically started her new role of cosmetic physician at Oran Aesthetics.
For some time, she had been interested in aesthetics with a strong focus on achieving natural results. Her goal is to create a fresh and energetic look with subtle adjustments. So this is what she likes about injectables: the ability to make striking improvements through small changes.
With attention to quality and a personal approach, Drs. Ilja is committed to guiding each client to their desired outcome with confidence and satisfaction.

Lineke huidbehandelingen

Lineke – BIG: 89065808630

We are pleased to introduce Lineke as our new skin specialist at Oran Aesthetics. With a background as a specialized nurse, Lineke brings a wealth of medical expertise and a deep knowledge of skin care to our team. Lineke has a long and positive history with Oran Aesthetics, first as a client and now as part of our professional team. Her passion for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation is evident in her approach to various skin therapy treatments. Driven by her commitment to excellence in patient care, Lineke is dedicated to providing personalized and effective treatments aimed at achieving our clients’ aesthetic goals. Her joining Oran Aesthetics marks an exciting time of growth and innovation for our clinic.

Drs. Mandy Rademaker

Drs. Mandy Rademaker – BIG: 19917970901

Oran Aesthetics is proud to welcome Drs. Mandy Rademaker, a leading KNMG-certified cosmetic physician. With a cum laude degree in medicine from Leiden University and extensive experience in internal medicine, emergency medicine and oncology, Drs. Rademaker has specialized in cosmetic medicine since 2018.

Drs. Rademaker excels in liquid facelifts, creating a natural and rejuvenated look. In February, she will perform treatments with botulinum toxin, fillers and Profhilo/skin boosters exclusively at Oran Aesthetics. Don’t miss this opportunity for a subtle yet effective transformation under her expert hands.