PDO thread lift: a facelift without major surgery

A PDO thread elevator treatment is the perfect alternative to major facelift surgery! The treatment is quick and you see results almost immediately.

At Oran Aesthetics, we go for natural results. That’s why we do extensive research on your face and skin during our intake interview, allowing our specialists to achieve the best results.

We can imagine that you still have many questions, for example, about the treatment itself. How does a PDO thread lift treatment work? How long does it take? How long is the recovery?

But also, of course, safety: is it dangerous? What should I look out for and what are the risks?

What does a PDO thread lift treatment cost? You can find answers to all these questions in our blog.


PDO wirelift treatment as an alternative to a facelift

As you age, the skin on your face starts to droop a bit more. Picking these up slightly will restore a youthful and fresh appearance. You can opt for fillers or botox, for example, or you can tackle the whole face at once.

For this, not only is a radical facelift the solution: choose a PDO thread lift treatment now!

At the intake at Oran Aesthetics, our doctors take a close look at the skin on your face, and the lines. By lifting these slightly in the right places, we lift your face, so to speak. Exactly what needs to be done is different for each person, which is why you will always receive personalized advice.


What does a thread lift treatment involve?

After the intake, you can receive immediate treatment if desired. We take photos for and complete the necessary paperwork. The face is thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected.

Locally you will be given a light anesthetic and then, using a cannula (a small hollow tube) the PDO wires will be placed under your skin. The threads have tiny barbs, which they use to cling to the right place.

This stretches your skin slightly, and then it will produce collagen around the threads. The threads dissolve over time, while the collagen ensures the skin is tight and supple in the right places.

The effect lasts for 12 to 24 months, due to the accumulation of collagen.

The treatment itself takes only 20-30 minutes, before you know it, it’s over!


After the PDO treatment

Immediately after treatment, you will be given ice packs to reduce swelling. You will see results fairly quickly, and have little pain. However, your skin will still be numb for up to several weeks. In the first week after treatment, you should not exercise, go under the tanning bed or visit the sauna.

Red or blue spots may occur, but almost always go away quickly. You can quickly move on with your life.


Oran Aesthetics for a natural result

During our treatments, we always aim for the most natural results possible. Therefore, during the intake, we advise what is best for you. With a PDO thread lift, we correct only the natural lines so that you retain your identity.

As the years pass, the skin starts to droop a bit. Muscles in the face slacken, which can give a different facial expression. For example, you look tired or gloomy when you are not. With a PDO thread lift, we give your skin just that little boost that makes you look fresh and happy again, without being unnatural.


PDO wire elevator dangerous?

No, a PDO wire elevator is not dangerous. The threads are fully degradable and dissolve without complications. In hospitals, these are used as dissolvable sutures.

Of course, we work with the utmost care for you, and hygiene is our top priority. Our specialists look at the best treatment for you, and we only work with approved A-brand materials.


PDO thread lift costs

We believe our treatments should be accessible to everyone. Everyone has the right to shine and have a beautiful natural facial expression.

We offer a PDO thread lift as low as €700. Each treatment is personal, and so is the price. Beforehand, of course, you know exactly where you stand and we discuss this in detail at the intake. View all of our rates on our
price page


Oran Aesthetics: for all your cosmetic treatments

Whatever treatment you choose, we are here for you at Oran Aesthetics. In a consultation, we can discuss your needs and you will know immediately what your options are.

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, so there is the right treatment for every need. Our starting point is to achieve the most natural result possible with the treatment. Of course, we always offer customized treatment. Please feel free to
us and we will be happy to discuss all the possibilities.

We have affordable treatments, making our cosmetic treatments accessible to everyone.

We would love to see you soon for a no-obligation consultation, even if you have doubts. We are happy to take away your doubts and make you shine again with our PDO thread lift treatment.

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