Rhinoplasty with fillers: everything you want to know!

A nice straight nose has a great effect on your appearance. Oran Aesthetics has the solution for anyone who would like a rhinoplasty, but without surgery: a rhinoplasty with fillers! This is a quick and painless treatment with great results.

Below, we explain everything you want to know about rhinoplasty with fillers. What exactly is rhinoplasty with fillers? How does the treatment work? What results can you expect? What aftercare should you consider? What about the safety of fillers and the price? The answer to all these questions and more can be found below.


Rhinoplasty with fillers

Rhinoplasty with fillers is a treatment that allows the nose to be slightly corrected. Imperfections such as crookedness, dents, lumps, sunken nose tips and a bump on the bridge of the nose can be eliminated with this. Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions. Such blemishes can make you feel insecure. And there is no need for that!

In fact, all of these blemishes are excellent to treat with fillers. Only a few punctures are needed to give the nose just the right correction. A rhinoplasty is also often done with major “nose job” surgery. However, not everyone is waiting for this by a long shot. With rhinoplasty with fillers, the impact on you is minimal and you do see immediate results.


Rhinoplasty fillers treatment

So how exactly does such a rhinoplasty filler treatment work? At Oran Aesthetics, everything starts with good conversation. Our doctors will work with you to map out the desired shape and contour of your nose. The treatment will be adjusted accordingly so that the volume restoration is applied to the right areas.

The premise of rhinoplasty with fillers is to bring the nose into proportion. That way it will be visually straight again. From start to finish, the doctor will tell you what to expect. During the treatment itself, only a few injections are needed to insert the required amount of filler. Before you know it, the treatment is over.


Results of rhinoplasty treatment

As we briefly mentioned above, the results of rhinoplasty treatment are immediate. And that, of course, is so nice! What result this will be will be discussed with you in advance.

At Oran Aesthetics, it is important to us that all of our clients walk out the door satisfied. That’s why we always go for the most natural result possible. Fillers are a very fine remedy in this. A crooked nose bridge can easily be straightened and a bump on the nose can be completely eliminated. This way, you maintain your natural look where your nose visually fits right in.


Fillers rhinoplasty aftercare

A filler rhinoplasty is a treatment that takes very little time. But as with any treatment, it is important to keep in mind a few aftercare measures.

For example, you should not exercise for the first two days after treatment. Also, the treated area should not be massaged. Visiting the sauna or tanning bed is not a good idea in the first week either. In fact, all these activities can prevent the skin from resting properly.

Immediately after treatment, you may be given an ice pack by us to cool the area some more. In general, a filler rhinoplasty is truly a “lunchtime treatment.” It’s quick, painless and you can get on with your day almost immediately.


Safety of fillers

We are frequently asked if there are any risks associated with filler treatments. We can be short and sweet about this: our filler treatments are 100% safe.

Our doctors are professionals in the field of cosmetic treatments. They only work with the best products that have been on the market for a long time. Of these products, safety and effectiveness have been amply proven.

In addition, all of our fillers are hyaluronic acid-based. This is a substance that already occurs naturally in our bodies and is biodegradable. Should complications occur for any reason, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with hyason. This also allows us to correct excess volume afterwards if necessary.


Nose job fillers price

At Oran Aesthetics, we believe it is important for cosmetic treatments to be accessible to many people. This is why we offer our treatments at competitive rates. In this way, we hope to help many patients regain their self-confidence.

A rhinoplasty with fillers can be booked for as little as €350. All of our prices can also be found in our tariff list. The price may vary based on the number of milliliters of filler needed. During your consultation, the doctor will explain what the total price will be. That way you know in advance where you stand.

The results of rhinoplasty with fillers treatment last for about a year. If you want to continue to see long-term results, it is necessary to repeat the treatment over time.


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