Sleep filling with fillers for a healthy look

Do you look tired, unhealthy and less fit as before while feeling fine? If so, you may have collapsed temples. Collapsed temples create a tired appearance. Typical of an attractive look is a face with even skin and a V clear V shape. Many people experience volume loss in the face due to the natural aging process. Partly because of this, the temples can fall in and create a tired appearance. Fortunately, sleep filling with fillers is perfectly possible. In the blog: Sleep fillers for a healthy look, we tell you all about the causes of sunken temples, treatment and results.


The causes

There are a number of causes when it comes to collapsed temples. The first is always facial volume loss due to aging. As we age, the body’s production of collagen decreases and the skin becomes saggy and less resilient. In addition, smoking can also cause your temples to collapse and make your face look older.


Finally, exposure to ultraviolet light can be pointed to as a cause of sunken temples but heredity also plays a major role in this condition.

Sleep filler with fillers: the treatment

Oran Aesthetics is the specialist in the field of
temple padding
. Sleep filler treatment is a commonly chosen method of getting rid of collapsed temples. The treatment makes you look sleepy and fresh again.

Sleep filling with fillers is not something we do lightly. This is preceded by an extensive conversation between the doctor and the patient. After all, the final result should match your appearance and look natural. Our experienced doctors can advise you during an intake consultation on which aesthetic features fit the shape and features of your face and which can boost your physical attractiveness.


Are you taking blood-thinning medications? If so, mention this during the interview. Then the doctor can take that into account.


During the treatment, the temples are filled with a filler. These fillers are based on Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance already found in your body and biodegradable.


After the specialist has discussed all the options with you and explained the treatment to you, treatment can be started. In doing so, you lie in a comfortable chair. The doctor cleans the treatment area and disinfects the skin. Then the filler is carefully injected at your temples. Sleep filling with fillers is not painful and the injection lasts only a short time. Injecting the filler restores volume to its former level and the sunken temples are no longer visible.


After the injections, the doctor will briefly massage the area and you will be given an icepack to cool you down.

Aftercare after filling temples

After treatment with fillers, there are always some aftercare advice we give our patients. Our first advice is always not to exercise in the first two days after your temples are filled. It is also important not to touch or massage the area again.

Finally, we recommend not visiting a tanning bed or sauna in the first week after treatment. Redness, swelling or bruising may occur after treatment. This is normal and will go away on its own.

Results of a temples filling treatment

After the treatment, you will see immediate results. Your temples will no longer show sunken in and the V shape of your face will be visible again.

When filling in the temples, you will notice that the area is no longer hollow or deep but fits nicely with the natural line of the cheekbones. This greatly affects the appearance of your face. You get nice straight contours which is part of a youthful and fit look. Also, by filling the temples, you automatically get a subtle elevator of the eyebrows and a reduction in the lines around your eyes.

Almost all of our clients are very satisfied with the results of sleep filler treatment.

Safety of treatment

Of course, treatment at Oran Aesthetics is completely safe. We use the best A-brand temporary fillers that have been on the market for a long time and are proven to be safe and effective. So you can book a treatment with confidence.

Should the need arise, there is always the option of having a filler dissolved again. We sometimes do this for complications, although these are almost non-existent hyaluronic acid can be dissolved well with Hyason, a dissolving fluid. This comes in handy when we want to correct one time too much volume afterwards.


Making an appointment for a sleep filling treatment

Do you also want a vibrant, fresh and healthy face without sunken temples again? Then make an appointment for a temples filler treatment at Oran Aesthetics. Together with our specialists, we are happy to make time for an expert consultation and, of course, tell you all about the treatment. Stop letting sunken temples define your appearance and go for a fresh look and feel confident with our temples filling treatment!

Make an appointment for a consultation or book a treatment directly? Then you can easily in our online appointment module.

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