Tear duct treatment: for a fresh and rested appearance

Our countenance is largely determined by our eyes. The area around the eyes plays a key role here. If you suffer from puffiness or dark circles under your eyes, you will look tired faster. Are you looking for a solution that will make you look fresh and rested again? Then a tear duct treatment is definitely worth considering.


What is a tear duct filler?

A tear duct filler is applied in the tear duct. This is the gully under the eyes that runs from the inner corner of the eye toward the cheek. How visible this trench is varies from person to person.

Some people have a deep tear trough from an early age because it is genetic. Others experience loss of skin volume later in life, causing the tear duct to deepen. Excess skin, skin quality and tone, vitamin deficiency and lifestyle can also affect the condition of the tear duct.

Whatever the cause, a tear duct filler can easily fill this hollow, visibly reducing puffiness and dark circles.


Teardrop filling: who is this treatment suitable for?

The tear duct filling is a simple and short treatment that is a good solution for many people. This treatment is suitable for anyone who suffers from a tear duct that is too deep or present. Obvious bags under the eyes or dark circles are often the result of this.

Not surprisingly, this can create uncertainties. Perhaps you are very conscious of your dark circles or you are often wearing makeup to hide it. A filler treatment may be the answer.


Teardrop fillers for men and women

A tear duct filler for a man is as common these days as it is for a woman. In fact, fillers are becoming increasingly popular with men. Today’s man is more and more conscious of his appearance and wants to look groomed.

Men, like women, can experience volume loss in the area around the eyes later in life. The skin structure and anatomy in men does differ slightly from that of women. This often causes men to require a different dosage during treatment.


How does a tear trough treatment go?

A tear duct treatment is a very short and effective treatment. It begins with an intake consultation where our cosmetic doctors assess whether filler treatment is the best solution for you. The doctor will tell you all about the treatment and what to expect from it.

Before treatment, several photos are taken so that the result of the tear trough filler before and after treatment can be compared. You then fill out a health statement and consent form after which treatment can begin.

The area is first cleaned and disinfected. Then the filler is carefully injected using a cannula, a hollow needle. With just a few punctures, the treatment is over very quickly.


The result of tear duct filler treatment

The results of a tear trough filler are usually visible right away. So you can immediately see the difference between the tear trough treatment before and after. You can see how the natural volume of the treated area has been restored to the desired result.

The tear trough becomes less deep, your dark circles are less noticeable and there is less visible shadowing. That way you’ll look a lot fresher effortlessly! We always go for the optimal result and are not satisfied until you are.


Aftercare tear duct filling

Tear duct filling is also known as a true lunchtime treatment. It’s over in no time and you can get back to work pretty quickly. After the treatment, you will receive an ice pack for cooling. Other than that, there are only a few aftercare arrangements you need to keep.

It is important not to exercise for the first two days. Also, the treated area should not be massaged. In addition, visiting the sauna or tanning bed in the first week is not recommended. As long as you keep these aftercare tips in mind, you will experience little to no discomfort from the treatment.


Is a tear trough filler dangerous?

Many people wonder if a tear duct filler is dangerous. Finally, it involves needles and the injection of a substance into the skin.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the safety of filler treatment at Oran Aesthetics. We use only temporary fillers from the best brands on the market. The safety and effectiveness of these fillers has been proven. In addition, we always work with Hyaluronic Acid fillers. This is a natural substance this already occurs in the body and is biodegradable.


Tear duct filling experiences

Curious about others’ tear duct filler experiences? Then be sure to read the reviews on our website. Here you can read all the tear trough filling experiences of the people who went before you. You can also get a good idea of the result here through the examples with before and after photos.

At Oran Aesthetics, it is very important to us that you walk out the door satisfied after a tear trough treatment. The best outcome is the balance between possibilities and your needs. The most natural look possible, but refined for the shape and features of your face. That’s what we’re going for.


What does a tear duct filler cost?

Oran Aesthetics’ mission is to make the world of cosmetic treatments accessible to the general public. We do this not only through personal attention and demonstrable results. But also through affordable prices.

You must be wondering what the tear duct treatment cost is. The tear duct filler cost depends on the dosage needed for the intended result. You can book this treatment from as little as €350 with us. For an overview of all our prices you can take a look at our
rates page


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