Traptox at Oran Aesthetics – a new trend in shoulder and neck aesthetics

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The cosmetic industry continues to grow with new and exciting treatments attracting the attention of both celebrities and people seeking beauty and youthfulness. One of the latest trends is Traptox, a unique treatment that targets the trapezius muscles in the shoulders and neck. But what exactly is Traptox? And how is it performed at Oran Aesthetics? Let’s take a closer look at that.

Traptox: Everything you need to know

The Traptox phenomenon has received a huge boost in popularity thanks to social media and celebrities. Previously, injectables were primarily associated with facial treatments, but with the continuing evolution of aesthetic medicine, professionals and clients alike are looking for new ways to enhance and beautify the body. The trapezius muscle, previously overlooked in the aesthetic world, came into the spotlight by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. As a result, many began to recognize Traptox’s potential not only to relieve pain and tension, but also to achieve aesthetic goals. Due to this trend, the demand for Traptox has increased significantly in a short period of time, with many looking for that coveted longer and slimmer neckline.

What is Traptox?

Traptox is an aesthetic treatment in which botulinum toxin is injected into the trapezius muscles. This can help create a longer, slimmer neck and more definition in the shoulder area. It is a non-surgical and innovative approach to improving the neck and shoulders.

Why Choose Traptox?

If you are interested in improving the definition of your neck and shoulders without going under the knife, Traptox may be the ideal solution for you. It offers a unique and targeted treatment for an often neglected area.

The Benefits of Traptox

Traptox comes with several benefits:

  • It offers a slimmer and defined neck and shoulders.
  • May help relieve tension in the trapezius muscles.
  • The result is often subtle and natural-looking.
  • Little to no recovery time after treatment.
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How Does Traptox Work?

Traptox works by injecting botulinum toxin into the trapezius muscles. This relaxes the muscles and can lead to a thinner and more refined appearance. The process is quick and the results can be seen over time.

What to Expect at Traptox?

The Traptox procedure usually takes less than an hour and side effects are minimal. After treatment, there may be some mild swelling or redness, but this usually disappears quickly.

Traptox at Oran Aesthetics

Oran Aesthetics is on the front lines of this exciting new treatment. Our highly qualified professionals provide safe and effective Traptox treatment using the latest technology and techniques.


Traptox at Oran Aesthetics offers a new and exciting way to improve your neck and shoulders. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out how you can benefit from this innovative treatment.

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